Vegan Mango Mint Madness – Low Fat Ice Cream The Nice Cream Way

Mango Mint Vegan Ice Cream

Mango season is reaching its end – sad times.  But if you want that taste for a bit longer, keeping a tub of this refreshing and sweet ice cream in your freezer is the perfect way to preserve that lovely fruity flavour for a couple more weeks.

Vegan Aquafaba Mango Ice Cream

Here is how I made my Mango and Mint Vegan Ice Cream.  The easiest, freshest, lightest, lowest calorie ice cream I have ever made!

Full recipe details follow.

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Peppermint Vegan Meringue Melts

 Peppermint Vegan Meringue Melts

I’ve been itching to try out egg free meringue for ages.  I first heard about the phenomenon after seeing an Instagram post claiming a photograph of brightly coloured orange and pink meringue kisses, plump and beautiful, were completely vegan.

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